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Vilnius – the birthplace of the modern state of Lithuania and the power of real leadership. The biggest historical twists of the 20th century – I World War, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia – and the quantity of patriotically raised, well-educated, and fearless of responsibility personalities created the foundation for these brave decisions.
Kaunas – the corner-stone of the mature state. The ephemerality has become the inspiration to determine strictly historical, cultural, economical and scientifical identity of the newly developed state.
Central and Eastern Lithuania
Central and Eastern Lithuania – where the State was created by feats and solidarity, fights and diplomatical agreements, the stories of determination and belief in perspective of independent Lithuania.
South Lithuania
South Lithuania – motherland of State of Lithuania based on ideology, fertile soil of the national identity, the foundation of country‘s economy.
Western Lithuania
Western Lithuania – recovered Baltic coast as the gate to the open, creative, entrepreneurial and curious society.

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Are you willing to do  something great for Lithuania who celebrates the Centennial of the Restoration of the State? If you are – Travel through the country!

This is the only way to fall in love with Your country again, listen more carefully to the stories told by it, will learn how to pass it on to the future generations and spark the interest of the guests from abroad.

Restored Lithuania‘s route features not only 100 historical, cultural and natural objects throughout the country, but 100 stories about the personalities, fights, victories and authority during the significant period 1918 – 1923 from the signing of the Independece Act to the geographical borders of that time Lithuania.

We encourage You to Travel, because it is always better to see for 100 times for yourself  rather than to „Google“ for 100 times.

Let‘s celebrate when travelling!

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